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Austin, TX

Amelia's RetroVogue & Relics

Amelia's Retro-Vogue and Relics has been an Austin vintage institution since 1970. Recent changes to the Austin landscape has spread this amazing shop in two directions, giving shoppers a choice for two amazing personal shopping experiences.

Amelia's By Appointment | Call for location

Guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind, intimate shopping experience, seasoned vintage shoppers are encouraged to call and make an appointment to shop the most exclusive and rare collection of men's and women's vintage from the 1800s to the 1930s in a pair of vintage trailers that are snuggled up to vintage touring buses and a recording studio on the outskirts of Austin. Inside lies a rare and amazing selection of an hats, accessories, jewelry, and clothing.

Amelia's RetroVogue Jane

Amelia's Backroom | Located inside New Bohemia (4631 Airport Blvd.)

Amelia's Backroom is a personal shopping experience located inside New Bohemia. It's the red carpet of vintage. You must go past the velvet rope to be able to shop this exclusive collection, though it is well worth the effort when you discover the amazing 30 years collection of Amelia Jane from the long established Amelia's Retro-Vogue & Relics.

The collection contains a large selection of day wear, cocktail and evening gowns, separates, and suits, vintage lingerie, and other one-of-a-kind treasures. The collection also includes men’s wear, with classic styles as well as some of the more insane style moments of the last century wait for the sharp dressed man to find and wear them to acclaim. 

We know you are excited to see what lies behind the velvet curtain, so just ask for assistance at New Bohemia, for your own personal measuring and guided shopping tour.


Amelias RetroVogue and Relics

As before, Amelia’s focuses on items and clothing dating from the mid-1800’s to the mid-1900’s. Well organized, well lit, and well edited, Amelia’s enjoys an ever expanding international reputation for the quality of it’s stock. Long used as a resource by designers with the film, theater and fashion industries, the shop has housewares, clothing and accessories that span America’s history. Whether you are looking for examples of the flamboyance of the 1890’s, the incredible details of the early 1900’s, the amazing fabrics of the 20’s, the simplicity of the dust bowl era, the glamour and strength of the 40’s, the exuberance of the 50’s or the energy and optimism of the early 60’s, Amelia’s will have something to intrigue and delight you.

Amelia's retroVogue Vintage Hats