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Austin, TX

Bloomers and Frocks

Vintage Clothes for Modern Women.

Bloomers and Frocks is a women’s vintage clothing boutique that carries clothing and accessories from the 1920s to the 1980s. The thing that really sets Bloomers and Frocks apart is that everything in the shop is clean, either hand washed or professionally dry cleaned, and is ready to wear. You won’t find holey, damaged, and dirty clothing here. Additionally, clothing tags display measurements and approximate modern day sizes to make shopping easy. The shop is located at 1628 South 1st Street, in Austin, Texas. You can also shop Bloomers and Frocks online.

Bloomers and Frocks Vintahe Jewelry Austin Texas

While Bloomers and Frocks stocks the shop with all sorts of clothing and accessories from different eras and styles, the focus is mainly on the 1940s to the 1960s. There are different strokes for different folks — and they aspire to stock the shop so that everyone can find something that fits their individual style.

From the owner, Rebekka Adams, "As a curvy woman myself, I also seek out clothing in a range of sizes. The tags in the Austin showroom all show measurements and an approximate modern day size to help you out." Additionally, in regards to shopping for vintage clothing, Rebekka says, "anyone can find vintage in a variety of places. But what we do takes a lot of time. How nice is it when you are looking for vintage clothing that you can seek it out in your size and know that you don't have to put countless hours of work into finding a particular garment only to know that it needs to be mended and cleaned? That's why you should visit us."


What is the inspiration behind your store?

I have always had some form of vintage in my life. Growing up, I spent summers with my grandparents selling wares at the Trufant flea market in small-town Michigan. My grandpa was a fix-it man who sold refurbished TVs, radios, and spare parts. My grandma sold vintage costume jewelry in the booth next to his. I looked up to both of my grandparents for running their own business and their ability to turn something old and broken into something functional and beautiful.

Bloomers and Frocks Vintage Clothing Boutique

In addition to working with my grandparents, my mother instilled the values of recycling in me from an early age. Due to financial necessity and a desire to be unique, I was an avid thrifter all through my teens and twenties. I love the hunt for something discarded and giving it new life. All of these experiences have led me to opening Bloomers and Frocks selling women's vintage clothing and accessories.

Bloomers and Frocks Interior VIntage Clothing Boutique

Any words of advice regarding vintage?
Vintage is one way to express your individuality, and I think it is more important to find a modern fit for vintage in your life than to be historically accurate. If you are a beginner to shopping for vintage, I have put together a handy resource guide on how to measure your body. Need some inspiration on how to style vintage? No worries, check out the blog for lots of great advice.  Whatever you do, have fun with it. Life is too short to take fashion too seriously. Wear what makes you smile.

Sell your vintage clothes.
Do you have vintage clothing that no longer fits your style or size? Were you left with an estate and don’t know what to do with the clothes/accessories? Looking to sell your mother’s/grandmother’s collection? Consider selling your vintage clothes to ensure they have a new life. Bloomers and Frocks buys quality women’s vintage clothes from the 1890s to the 1980s. More information on what they buy can be found here.



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1628 S. 1st. St. Austin, TX 78704 |  (512) 715-4611