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Austin, TX


Q: What is the Vintage Around Town Guide (VATG)?

A:  The Vintage Around Town Guide (VATG) is a partnership of vintage shops in Austin who come together for the purpose of cooperative marketing. We print an annual shopping guide that is distributed throughout Austin that includes shops that are 85% or more vintage/antique goods.

Q: Does my business qualify to be in the guide? 
A: Sorry, we cannot accept businesses that are: not at least 85% vintage/antiques, thrift stores/non-profits, consignment stores, stores on the outskirts of Austin, internet stores, or estate sale companies.

Q. What are the benefits of being listed in the VATG?

A:  Your store will get in front of thousand of interested vintage/antique enthusiasts. The VATG is distributed in all member stores, and in downtown hotels prior to major Austin events such as SXSW, ACL, and F1. Additionally,  we have a Facebook page and an Instagram Account that are for the sole purposes of promoting your store, merchandise, and events. It is the best form of targeted marketing that you can get for the price in Austin.

Q: How do I add my store to the guide?
A:  Paper guides are printed yearly in February.  We only go to print once a year. The annual fee for the guide is usually around $185-$200 for the year. Please note: Everything starts fresh every January.  If you pay these fees, you will have to pay again for the following year.

This option is for businesses who do not join the Guide in January. It allows your business to be added to the online guide only. Note that your business will have to be added at the end, and not in alphabetical order). This option also gives you admin access to post on the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

There will be two deadlines a year.
May 15th: Fee $100.
Sept 15th: Fee $100.

Q: Why are the prices the same?
A: Because these are the fees associated with having a graphic designer rework the map and add the description, and the webmaster actually adding it to the website.  Their fees don't change no matter what time of year it is.

Q: Can I change my online listing once it's added?
A: Yes.  For the same fees as above. 

Q: How do I get in next year's guide?
A: Email Lori and she will put you on the list to be added next year.

Q: I read the rules above and am ready to join. Who do I contact?

To join, please contact Lori at Room Service -512.451-1057 or email For web updates only, please email